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What kind of back up do you need?

If you've ever started a business before, you know that's the furthest thing from the truth.

As a small business owner, you've likely put in the time (and then some) doing all the jobs of an entire firm. You're the CEO, accountant, web designer, copywriter, and social media manager. And somehow you still make time for client or creative work.

But that hustle is overrated. Because the best part of going off on your own is realizing you don't have to do it all on your own.

You know that saying "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life?" 

...Come on.

Overhauling boring brands and mediocre messaging to get you killer confidence and clarity is kinda my jam. I'm absolutely pumped to create the brand and website of your wildest dreams and you better believe we'll have a damn good time along the way.

But I’ve also been called a “mind reader,” "professional hype woman," and “website angel extraordinaire.”

Hi, i'm amy.

Your forever-daydreaming partner in design and lover of all things west and wild.

It was incredible how Amy seemed to know what I wanted better than I did. She’s lovely, easy to talk to, supportive, knows her stuff. I couldn’t be happier with my website she created for me. It’s me - but better! She got my vibe perfectly and hiring her has been the best decision I’ve made for my business. 

Katie / Katie Wyer Art

Amy basically dove into my soul to capture my essence into a beautiful brand unlike any other. She also helped me gain confidence in setting healthy boundaries in my business so I could enjoy what I do even more. I can't thank Amy enough for helping me realize the full potential of my brand and business.

Sharon / Wild Briar Yoga

I HAVE CHILLS. I feel so damn proud of what we've created. It's like you jumped into my brain and pulled out the words I couldn't express on my own! I seriously think you have some type of superpower for getting me! You are absolutely aligned with your gift — understanding a person and bringing their vision to LIFE! 🚀

Ally / Level Up Aerospace

Can we talk about how THIS is literally everything! 😍 I opened the brand concept and my jaw was on the floor! 😍😍😍😍 The aesthetic of it all is just BEAUTIFUL!  I can’t believe you took what was in my head and created something so beautiful. It's just so perfect. Thank you!!! 

Briana / Bumble Bee Handcraft

From the very first meeting I have felt supported, validated and understood which is hard considering sometimes I don’t understand myself! Amy's passion, diligence and talent shows in every meeting, her work, email updates and beyond. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Amy as we move forward in business. 

Annie / Co-Founder of ReLearning Human

I needed someone to hear my ideas, help me craft my design, and give me hardcore feedback on how to execute my vision. Someone who wasn't afraid of my fears or afraid to tell me like it is. Amy has been all that and then some.

Britt / Web Designer and Copywriter

If you're thinking of working with Amy, do it! We started with one project together and now we're working on our fourth! Amy has a way of really understanding your vision and creating something you always wanted, even if you didn't have the words.

Dinette / Equine Writer & Entrepreneur

If you need someone who can make sense of all the ideas swirling around in your head and bring them to life, Amy is your designer! We went back and forth on business names for what felt like ages and now we finally have a brand that embodies our vision. 

Sharon / Co-Founder of Earth & Stone

Oh Amy, you are AMAZING!!!!! If only you could see my face right now. I absolutely love it! I love how you integrated the backgrounds, I love the new theme - everything is perfect! I'm still in awe that you've made my site look this good! 

Petia / Petia B Fitness

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